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How Often Should You See a Bozeman Chiropractor?

Many people ask about the necessity or frequency of visits to a Bozeman chiropractor based on different things. They may be asking in reference to the expense of visits or whether there is any need to return once they have started feeling better. Sometimes, patients may wonder if their visits are too often or not often enough when they feel there is no improvement in their condition.

To put it simply, there really can be no definite answer as to how often a person should see their chiropractor. DC’s see many people with many different types of musculoskeletal health issues— and since they work with the body’s healing process rather than just treating symptoms, the answer largely hinges on the patient, the injury or issue and the course of treatment.

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Two people with the same health issue or injury can receive the same treatment, yet their bodies may respond very differently. While one coasts into recovery, the other may need to move on to a new treatment altogether. Other factors, such as the extent of the issue/injury and how long it has been a condition can matter as well. It can also rely on the patient’s rate of healing, if there will be a combination of treatments (such as ultrasound or massage therapy) and if the patient is following their Bozeman chiropractor’s advice between visits.

One thing that is for sure is that communication matters. A patient should be fully advised as to what the best course of treatment is for their injury or issue and what other options are available if there is no improvement by a certain period of time. Just the same, restoring proper function should be the main goal and that is something that shouldn’t—and can’t— be dictated by a set number of visits.

An honest and reliable Bozeman chiropractor includes the patient in the treatment plan and generally doesn’t require patients to come on a fixed schedule unless there is a course of treatment for a specific injury or problem. A reassessment after the course of treatment is finished can establish if any additional therapy or maintenance care will be necessary or helpful.

Most people who continue chiropractic care after being treated for an issue do so because they find maintaining their nervous system to be a valuable component for balanced health. Patients who are unclear as to why they are visiting their chiropractor at the frequency they are have a right to ask questions and/or get a second opinion. Those who feel they are being intimidated into what they suspect are unnecessary visits or care have a right to voice their concerns to their state health professional licensing board.

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