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Chiropractic is Now Recommended by the AMA for Lower Back Pain

In a surprising turn of its previous stance toward chiropractic medicine, the American Medical Association is now recommending sufferers of lower back pain seek chiropractic care as an initial treatment option.

Published in April of this year, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) asserts that invasive measures such as surgery are often too aggressive and unnecessary for most cases of back pain and should only become an option when all other therapies have failed. As a “conservative care” measure, chiropractic therapies are often more successful in treating and alleviating issues of lower back pain.

The piece was written as part of a public education series, providing information on the structure of the spine and what can cause issues when it comes to the bones, nerves and the complicated assemblage of soft tissues. As trained experts of neuromusculoskeletal structure and function, licensed Bozeman chiropractic physicians are the obvious choice for helping sufferers manage and prevent back and spine-related issues.

Without drugs and surgery involved, it is actually possible for patients to shorten the length of time they deal with a back issue as well as avoid the high costs that come with operations, prescriptions and recuperation time. This is significant considering an estimated 80% of Americans experience the interruption of back pain at some point and the studies that indicate half of all back surgeries performed are unnecessary.

There are also additional benefits. Upon receiving regular treatment from a chiropractor, the spine and its supporting structures are returned to their proper function, preventing additional problems before they ever have a chance to start. While this once again covers the issue of economical treatment, it more importantly points to the improved quality of life patients receive from chiropractic care.

As the relationship between the AMA and the chiropractic community has always been rather contentious, the new recommendation is certainly a positive step for working towards a more constructive relationship. It has long been the philosophy of chiropractic physicians to work from a conservative approach, using various therapies, exercises and adjustments to bring their patients back into a state of wellbeing.

This may illustrate why, just behind doctors and dentists, doctors of chiropractic are now the third largest group of portal-of-entry providers, treating over 30 million people annually for everything from back pain to sports injuries to headaches. It is not uncommon for patients with more severe complaints to combine traditional and chiropractic care to find relief.

It would seem the positive experiences of those receiving chiropractic treatment for neuromusculoskeletal issues is steadily outweighing the long-held opposition towards chiropractic as an effective healthcare option. But then, it has always been the nature of chiropractic to work with the natural process of things and let the results speak for themselves.

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